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Interested in singing lessons? 

Singing to me is ...

THE BEST FEELING EVER. Your entire body is moving and your head is totally empty of worries. You lose who you are and transform into a new person. One time you are a prince or princess, the other a warrior fighting a duel. Maybe you stare at a beautiful river or fall in love like never before. All of this and even crazier situations are material for songs. Singing is so much more than just notes, it is about using your fantasy and telling a story. I love this feeling so much that I want to share how you can experience all of this while singing. 

In general, singing is a combination of technique (pitches and rhythm), posture and breathing. Next to that, we have diction, acting, bodylanguage, expression and JOY! You sing because you like it!!

Singing is for all ages, all levels and I adapt my lessons to your level.

Don't worry if you can't read sheetmusic, it is a bonus if you can. 

Online lessons & live lessons in Utrecht area

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